Sell Your House Fast Denver


Welcome to the first blog post at Elevation Investment Properties. Our goal is to provide value to our clients, investors and digital audience. We’ll strive to post interesting content relating to real estate investing, marketing & sales and personal development. Content will be generated from our staff, guest bloggers in the Denver real estate market and with any luck, some high-level business industry leaders. As always, you can reach out to us directly or follow Elevation Investment Properties online, Instagram or on Facebook.

This initial post focuses on our expansion from Denver into Cincinnati Ohio. Colorado and the Denver metro area are great places to live and invest but the rental market is getting over priced. We’re squarely in the bull’s eye of Wall Street and institutional investors. Many looked at me like I had three heads when I sold all of the rental properties in the Denver metro area and used the profits to reinvest in Cincinnati Ohio. Believe me, appreciation is fantastic. On paper, my personal home has almost “doubled” in value over the past 7 years but rental properties should be seen as an income generating tool and not purchased banking solely on appreciation ( We view equity and profit as two very different things but let’s save that discussion for another blog post.

Cincinnati Skyline

We’re unbelievably excited to announce that Elevation Investment Properties has purchased our first 26-unit apartment building in the Cincinnati Ohio metro area. Hopefully, the next blog post is out when we purchase another 24-unit apartment building in a different part of Cincinnati. Our business model is based on cash flow and ROI with appreciation being the gravy on our investment. We’re on track to purchase 50+ apartment doors in Cincy using the profit from selling FOUR doors in Denver (! This post is not to brag but to point out our feelings that Denver is getting overvalued in the short term and give investors an “Optimistic Contrarian” viewpoint. Any time you can sell an asset and put 20%+ down on over 10X the number of doors my gut says SELL, SELL, SELL as they say on Wall Street.

These buildings in Cincinnati are C class units in B- areas with the mid-range prospect (5 yrs) of becoming B- buildings in B+ areas ( One of the strategies we’re most proud to put into place is taking residents who have been treated as second-class citizens and delivering value to them in improving their living situation in partnership with our professional management company Balanced Property Solutions based in Cincinnati. Good business is achieved by doing good work for our residents and clients.
Thanks for reading our blog. We’ll catch up soon. To your continued personal growth and business success!