Rock Star Sellers


We are so fortunate to have worked with amazing sellers on a property in Centennial Colorado. They were such a pleasure to work with that they have now coined a new group of people we hope to work with in the future……”Rock Star Sellers”!



Frank and Sarah decided to sell their property and move out of state to be closer to Sarah’s family. They found our company, Elevation Investment Properties online after researching a number of ways to sell their home. The move needed to be a little quicker than a traditional sale (3 weeks) and they knew their home was well built but had not been updated in almost 30 years. In their eyes, a traditional listing with a real estate agent would have not only been too long but the amount of showings, long list of items to repair from a home inspection and uncertainty of a traditional buyer who needed to use a loan and order an appraisal pointed them to work with an investor.


We asked our Rock Star Sellers why they chose Elevation Investment Properties and they said that it was because we are local to the Denver metro area, individually owned and seemed more honest and reputable than some others they had found online. They filled out an online inquiry and we called them within an hour. Derek Marlin was able to meet them in person at 7:30pm on a Wednesday to learn more about their needs in selling a property they had called home for almost 12 years. We always look at what will help the seller’s short term and long term needs before making a win-win plan of action for our sellers.


Frank and Sarah were able to get the price they needed based on knowing they needed a pretty penny to remodel their Centennial Colorado home in order to sell with a real estate agent.  They liked that our step by step system which was presented at our first meeting went exactly to plan. We agreed on the price, signed a contract, deposited earnest money with Title Company of Denver and ended with a seamless cash sale three weeks later.  We were able to help Frank and Sarah save what would have been over $17,000 in commissions while also paying for their closing costs which was an additional savings of almost $2,000 that they used in their move out of state. Our Rock Star Sellers were so enjoyable to work with at every step of the way that we hope to help more people like Frank and Sarah throughout metro Denver.  Please call us at 720-545-0490 or email us at [email protected].


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