At ELEVATION, our consulting programs are different than the national seminars and “Guru’s” on HGTV. We have three unique ways to add value to your real estate investing world. Give us a call or email to set up a personal appointment and see which program is best for you!


Partnership Flip

We work with you as a true partner as ELEVATION provides the capital to fund the project rehab while the client funds the purchase of the property. We put our money where our mouth is to align our collective interests.  You receive dedicated training every step of the way from deal analysis, project & contractor management, budgeting and preparing the property for sale. We charge a fee for the 3-4 month educational process and revenue share on the net profit upon sale of our joint project.

Flat Fee Consulting

Want to tap into the experience of a true professional rehab company, then this option may be the right fit. A customized program is developed for your specific property which includes deal analysis, project management guidance, subcontracting referrals, and rehab design packages for the best ROI on your project. We help clients avoid mistakes, overspending, project delays, dealing with contractors and unique marketing/pricing strategies in preparation for the sale. You receive all of proprietary systems and design packages with the flat fee consulting.

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