If you’ve been contemplating selling your old house, it’s time to stop doubting. If you sell your house in 2018, you will also get additional bonuses, as the market is doing exceptionally well. You will be getting better offers due to the following reasons:

  1. Increasing interest rates.
    As interest rates are increasing, people want to buy a house faster.
  2. Strong buyer demand.
    In 2018, you definitely don’t have to wait for years to sell your house. Buyer demand is very strong, as the job market is also looking good. People are talking less about renting homes forever and are considering buying as a valid option.
  3. Low mortgages.
    Mortgage rates are currently at historic lows, so people want to buy now rather than wait for later. If rates skyrocket later, the prices on houses will drop very fast, so it’s better to sell in 2018 while you still can enjoy the benefits.
  4. High prices.
    You have a chance to sell your house for much more than you originally spent on it. Moreover, all of your extra expenses (e.g. remodeling, furniture) will also be covered in that price.
  5. The market is relatively small.
    This not only means that you shouldn’t fear competition, but also that you can raise your price. The market has been shrinking ever since 2007 and still is relatively small. Good news, you don’t have to wait for long to sell.

As you see, as a homeowner, the faster you make this decision, the better. You never know, mortgage rates might increase and then selling a home will become much harder.